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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Small- to Medium-sized Businesses

Holifield Group is an accounting and bookkeeping company whose objective is to help companies simplify their financial reporting and bring transparency and accuracy to their financial operations.

Holifield Group's founder, Leslie Bove, has worked for over 25 years in the Boston area as a financial controller, human resource manager and accounting advisory consultant. 

Holifield Group offers:

  • Bookkeeping (monthly, quarterly, annually).  Simplified financial reporting with transparency and accuracy.

  • Advisory - Bring books to current status, identify and correct issues, provide guidance.

  • Start-Up Services - Provide proper business structure and financial system installation and training.

  • Training - Customized training on QuickBooks and financial operations.


Leslie founded Holifield Group to address a widespread need she identified for outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services that provides the option of both on-site and remote services.

Leslie works with a team of professionals to support her clients that include CPA’s, banks and a payroll company.  With a support team, Holifield Group offers its clients a wide array of services for both new and existing companies. 

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